Nov 19, 2010

To back track....

To back track on the past few months....

September was my 21st birthday. Due to clinicals and my birthday being on a monday I didnt have any crazy celebrations. The family went out to dinner, and after I went out with friends. I tried my first margarita ;).
October was full of birthdays and halloween. We celebrated Papa, Randa, and Zach's birthdays. We also had a month full of fall/halloween activities despite the fact it was still 80-90 degrees out. I think we watched Mickey's Trick-or-Treat tower DVD 60 times that month. Garret decided to dress up as Buzz Lightyear. So I decided to be woody and Zach was an alien from pizza planet. We went trick-or-treating, and ended up with a ton of candy. It was fun to have Garret understand and get into a holiday.

Well, 2010 is coming to an end. Thanksgiving is next weekend! I finished nursing school a few weeks ago. Looking back it had been a busy past 3 years. Im working on my preceptorship, which I am halfway through. Our pinning ceremony is December 8th, and then that chapter of my life will be closed. Im looking forward to just taking time to relax and enjoy time with Garret without my mind wandering off thinking about school or work or scheduling and finding babysitters. Id like to get caught up on things, like Garrets baby scrapbook! My next challenge will be passing my NCLEX (boards exam) in January then looking for a job/internship. My goal is to have a job before Garrets birthday at the end of February.

Jul 15, 2010


For the next five days Garret and I are going on an adventure to Michigan to visit family. He was so excited to ride on an airplane. It was a bit wild taking a two year old through an airport and on a plane but I think he had a great time. He was in awe of standing in the airport and seeing all the airplanes and workers out the window.

Today was our first day up at the lake. We had a three hour drive up from grandmas house. Thankfully Garret was worn out from the traveling the day before that he slept the whole way up. We got here and he was all stoked to go "swimming in the lake".... right as he got in we realized a sign stating they had sprayed chemicals. So, we cant swim until tomorrow.

Garret got to meet and play with most of his second cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. The kids had fun shooting off balloon rockets and running around. Garret was the balloon retriever. It was fun to see him playing with everyone. He fits right in.

Jul 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Garret had a great 4th of July this year! Unfortunately it rained almost the whole weekend, but we still managed to have a bit of fun. On saturday they had fireworks at the outlet mall across the street from our house. We walked over to the mall in the evening but it started to rain so Garret and I decided to go back home. We were able to catch the firework show from the back yard of the house later that night. Garret thought the fireworks were great! He liked watching the "popping lights".

On Sunday we went to church in the morning. That evening we went down to Bonita Springs to the Star Spangled Bonita even that they had. Mimi was working with the Zonta club at a pie contest. Uncle Larry and Leslie happened to be there too. We ate a variety of pies and then walked around Riverside park. They had small carnival rides for the kids. Garret went on a train ride and the swings. He watched his first hot dog eating contest... Lets just hope he never decides to enter in one. The fire works were delayed due to the rain so we didn't stay late enough to catch the show. Garret fell asleep in the car which was the perfect end to a busy weekend.